Welding Wire Straight Type Draw Bench/Welding Wire Drawing Machines

Type: LZ Straight-Line Metal Drawing Machine
Usage: Wire
Metal Material: Steel
Outlet Diameter: 0.5-7.0mm
Max.Inlet Wire Dia.: 10mm
Block Dia.: 900mm

Products Details

Max. Number of Block: 15
Certification: ISO
Condition: New
Function: to Make The Steel Wire to Be Thinner
Color.: Decided by Customer
Delivery Time.: 60-90 Days
Transport Package: Plastic Film and Wooden Box
HS Code: 8463102000
Production Capacity: 100 Sets/Year

Product Description Wire Drawing Machine The straight wire drawing machine we produce is developed by introducing foreign technology and absorbing and digesting it. It is especially suitable for wire drawing equipment with high strength and high performance requirements for dry drawing. Mainly used for prestressed steel strand, steel cord, bead wire, rope making wire, elastic steel wire, stainless steel wire,production of gas shielded welding wire, submerged arc welding wire and other products. The diameter of the drawing reel of this series of wire drawing machines is ф350-ф1200mm, the diameter of the incoming wire can reach ф16mm, and the minimum diameter of the outgoing wire can be ф0.7mm. This equipment has a variety of functions such as man-machine dialogue, motor over-temperature protection, abnormal water pressure, meter counting, full-scale alarm, and fault display. The transmission structure adopts a hard-tooth surface reducer + a narrow V-linked belt or a flat surface double-wrapped turbo reducer + V-coupling belt, low noise: all reels are water-cooled with slits, it is combined with air cooling, and the cooling effect is very good.Speed regulation mode oral AC frequency conversion and Siemens PLC is a kind of drawing equipment with high efficiency, convenient operation, high degree of automation and wide process range.Main Technical Parameters:  
  Items Unit LZ9-12/1200 LZ10/800 LZ9/700 LZ10/560 LZ10/400
Reel diameter mm 900 800 700 560 400
Draw passage time 9-12 10 9 10 10
Incoming dia mm Φ14-8 Φ10-8 Φ8-6.5 Φ6.5-5.5 Φ14-8
Outgoing dia mm Φ5-3 Φ4-3 Φ3-2.5 Φ2-1.8 Φ1-0.8
Wire darwing line m/min 300 360 480 720 840
Incoming strength Mpa ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300
Total compressibility % 87.24-85.94 84-85.94 85.94-85.21 90.53-89.29 87.24-84
Average compressibility % 20.48-19.58 18.42-19.58 19.58-19.13 21.00-20.02 18.61-16.74
Single motor power Kw 110-90 90-55 75-55 37-22 15-7.5
Production process : Low carbon steel wire rod---High pay-off frame---Mechanical derusting---straight line wire drawing machine---Tension device --- wire take-up machine  Frame It is the foundation of the whole drawing machine units. It is welded by buttress plate, bent steel, section steel. All materials are designed safety enough to enhance the rigidity. Frame processing: The frame stands on the special leveling welding plate, weld the steel as base of the bottom plate. Then do the low temperature tempering and vibrating treatment to eliminate the welding stress. Cold machining precision is the important factor to realize the high-speed drawing. Do the milling process for the bottom plane and connecting side of the frame. Then clamp the main hole and screw hole of the mounting surface. Machining ended frame closures group in the painting shop, pain the anti-rust primer and do the scraping and deburring. Lastly, paint second time topcoat painting according to customer's color, wait for assembling. Capstan structure Material is ZG45 steel casting blank body, after quenching and tempering treatment, HB250. Dig 5mm depth on the working surface of capstan, then melt the tungsten, cobalt carbide, overlay welding. Then rough lathing, precision lathing, grinding and polishing, surface roughness can reach to 0.08μm, hardening layer height 300mm, depth more than 3mm, HRC 58-62. All the surface of capstan is processed by lathe, non-contact and operation surface's roughness is 6.3μm, capstan inner wall sprays zinc, can effectively reduce the formation of cooling water scale. Capstan spindle hole against axis beating up tolerance is ±0.03μm, capstan dynamic balance level is G6.3.   All the surface of capstan is processed by lathe, non-contact and operation surface's roughness is 6.3μm, capstan inner wall sprays zinc, can effectively reduce the formation of cooling water scale. Capstan spindle hole against axis beating up tolerance is ±0.03μm, capstan dynamic balance level is G6.3.   Capstan cooling The main shaft of capstan is fixedly install an upper spiral water jacket, below is a water wheel. Capstan is mounted on the spindle, the lower part of water jacket and capstan inner wall form 10-15mm water storage. Circulation cooling water from the upper o water jacket to capstan inner wall, the water cabin is filled with cooling water will adequately cool the wounded steel wire. When capstan rotating, spiral groove will keep the cooling water to rise, then flow down along the capstan wall, discharge the water through the upper outlet, forming good circulation water cooling. Drawing Dies The drawing dies, besides the finished rolls, all rolls about 8 ° tilt to keep the wire reel maximum amount of plot lines and wire straight toward. Tuning rollers apply anti-pull the wire, to reduce mold drawing force. Die box is welded structure, into two cavity. The guide roller is mounted into the side to ensure that steel wire can straight into the drawing die, die holder should be adjusted to wire tangent to enter the drawing rolls tuning roller installed at the entry end of the mold base tuning roll by a small cylinder put power, tuning the swing of the roller, so that the corresponding sensor output signal to fine-tune the speed of change. Tuning roller wire tension by adjusting the air pressure change, regulation range 0.15-0.6Mpa. The mold box is also equipped with a stirring device. Tuning roller side of the mold box, a gear reducer single-phase capacitance running motor through a sprocket, power passed to the stirring arm to stir the mold box, lubrication powder, without agglomeration affect lubrication. Safety shield The shield uses whole closed structure which is welded section steel and steel plate. Façade designs hopper and transparent window with 10mm thickness polycarbonate plate. Use hollow rubber strips around the shield to protect and serve as a buffer. Fulcrum design balance spring mechanism, through adjusting the balance spring pivot position, can achieve the shield is closed lightly. Shield is provided with protective contact switch. It's a device for realizing mechanical locking at run time. (When machine is running with shield opened, the unit immediately drop speed running or parking, recover normal after closing it. When it opens, the unit can only jog.)

Raw Materials Of Equipment Low Carbon Steel 1006,1008,1010,tensile strength from 360-400N/mm². Medium carbon Steel 1012,1018 , tensile strength 400-500N/mm²


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