Stainless Steel Precision Castings, Stainless Steel Investment Castings

Product Name Stainless Steel Precision Castings, Stainless Steel Investment Castings
Process Sand casting, Die casting, Investment casting, Permanent mold casting, etc.
Standard AISI, ATSM, UNI, BS, DIN, JIS, GB etc.
Material Stainless Steel
Specification OEM customized, According to customer's drawing or sample.
Surface Roughness Ra0.05 - Ra50
Appliation Industry, Building, Municipal, etc.
Supply Ability Output 100 tons per month

Products Details

Place of Origin China
Model Number Customized
Certification ISO9001:2015
Appliation Industry, Building, Municipal
Services OEM, design, customized
Surface treatment zinc plated / polishing
Min tolerance +/-0.5mm
Samples We can make sample
Sample Time 20 days
Mould Time 20-25 days
Delivery Time 30~60 days
Payment T/T 30 Days (30% Prepaid)
Our factory supply OEM service(custom service) in precision casting, We have been committed to this technique for over 40 years. Our specialized engineer can provide you the full-service of technology advice and products improving projection. Can produce large parts, Can form complex shapes, High strength parts, Very good surface finish and accuracy, High production rate, Low labor cost, Scrap can be recycled.We can custom pour any “air melted” stainless steel alloy to fit your stainless steel investment casting project requirements. Stainless steel casting, also called stainless steel investment casting, refers to the formation of ceramics around a wax pattern to form a shell for casting stainless steel. Once wax patterns are created, they are melted into the gate system, immersed in slurry and sand to form a layered shell, and then replaced by molten stainless steel.
Process Casting + Machining (if need) + Surface treatment( We can provide a whole product line. )
Working Procedure Client drawings ,Design, Raw casting, Surface treatment, Machining, Assembling, Inspection, Packing and Delivery
Casting Method Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Sand Casting, Die Casting, Gravity Casting, Shell Mold Casting
Heat treatment Annealing, Solution, Normalizing, Tempering, Quenching, Induction hardening and Hardening
Machining Drilling, Reaming and TappingCNC Machining: CNC Turning machining, CNC Milling machining, CNC Grinding Wire EDM, Stamping Further processing for your casting part if you need.
Surface treatment - Passivation- Grinding - Polishing - Anodizing - Sand blasting - Electroplating (color, blue, white, black zinc, Ni, Cr, tin, copper, silver) - Hot-dip galvanizing - Zinc-plating - Black oxide coating - Electrophoresis - Spray-Paint - Rust preventive oil - Power coating - Pickling
Processing Ability Surface Roughness: Ra0.05 - Ra50
Size tolerance: +/-0.5mm or Accroding to drawings
Maximum size: ≤1200mm×800mm×400mm OR 1000mm*ø700mm
Weight range: >0.1kg
Material Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Allony Steel, Heat-resistant Steel, Hardend Steel, Low Alloy Steel
Application Our products are widely used in many industries, such as automobile, truck, train, railway, fitness equipment, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, construction and other power equipment.  Auto parts and accessories Pump & valve parts and accessories  Food machinery parts Mechanical Components/parts Industrial locks Hardware tools High-speed rail accessories Construction hardware  Boat parts and Marine hardware Heat-treatment equipment Medical Instrument parts Impellers and propellers(propellors) Pipe Fittings or pipeline accessories Other industry metal casting parts
Design Pro/E, Auto CAD, Solid work, CAXA UG, CAM, CAE.Various type of 2D or 3D drawings are acceptable,such as JPG, PDF, DWG, DXF, IGS, STP, X_T, SLDPRT etc.
Standards AISI, ATSM, UNI, BS, DIN, JIS, GB etc.Or Non standard customization.
Inspection Dimension inspectionChemical composition analysis (Spectrum analysis) Mechanical property testing X-Ray inspection Dye penetrant inspection Magnetic powder inspection Metallographic inspections - ( 100% inspection on critical dimensions or follow your special requst. )
Quality Control CMM, Projection Machine, spectrometer, Hardness tester, Tensile tester etc.
Equipment Swiss Screw Machines, Cnc Milling Machines, Cutting Machines, Polishing Machines, EtcWax Injection Machines, Drying Machines, Removing Wax Machines, Heating Machines, Sand Blasting Machines, Pressure Test Machines, Etc
Certification ISO9001:2015 quality management system certificate.( Continuous update )
MOQ Small order is acceptable
Shipping Accept FOB or customer designated shipping agent
Package details Inside: anti-rust packingOutside: Packed with free fumigating wooden case
There are numerous stainless steel alloy grades available on the market today. Based on your performance and application requirements, our expert metallurgists can help you choose the best alloy for your stainless steel investment casting needs. Alloys we commonly work with include, but are not limited to:Packaging Details: Plastics, Carton, Pallet, Plywood case Or accroding your requirements. Port: Xingang, Tianjin Shipping: Shipping by air, sea or car. Customs specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods.1. OEM Service. Could make product for customer according to customer samples or drawings. 2. Can deal with various drawings soft wares: PRO/E, Auto CAD, Slid Work, UG, etc. 3. Could offer samples for free if the sample is simple and low value. 4. Submit samples with official inspection reports including material report, mechanical property report and dimensional report. 5. Can provide the third party inspection report. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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